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Prince Albert 2 Library

On this page you will find the answers to the questions most commonly asked about the Antarctica Voyages and the travel arrangements. Our sales consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Embark on a luxurious expedition to the best far-flung destinations in the world aboard Silver Explorer, a purpose-built expedition ship unlike any other. Designed specifically for navigating waters in some of the world's most remote destinations, including both of earth's polar regions, the 6,072-ton vessel boasts a strengthened hull with a Lloyd's Register ice-class notation (1A) for passenger ships. With eight Zodiac boats, her 132 privileged guests can visit even the most off-the-beaten path locations. Experience the thrill of a true expedition aboard Silver Explorer. Venture deep into regions where other vessels cannot go whilst enjoying a privileged lifestyle that is simply second-to-none.


Onboard, savour a convivial cosmopolitan ambience and many special amenities usually found only on larger ships, including a spacious Library with an Internet Café, boutique shopping, a full-service spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, sauna,┬álive evening entertainment and two top-deck whirlpools. The Silver Explorer even features The Humidor, where connoisseurs can enjoy the finest cigars and cognacs - a diversion offered by no other expedition ship.


Silversea guests can now sail to all seven continents surrounded by supreme comfort and the delights of endless indulgences:

  • All ocean-view accommodation with private bath - the largest average size accommodation of any expedition ship.
  • Superlative service and genuine hospitality
  • Crew to guest ratio of nearly 1 to 1
  • Fares that include all onboard gratuities
  • Expert naturalists and special guest lecturers
  • Complimentary, hosted adventures ashore
  • Complimentary parka (polar voyages)
  • Complimentary backpack
  • Open-seating dining
  • Complimentary fine wines, champagnes and spirits served throughout the ship
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Ship-wide Internet access and cellular phone service (fee applies)

Cabin Numbers

You will usually be advised of your cabin number when you make your booking. `

On Board Account

Upon embarkation, guests will be asked to register their VISA®, Master Card®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club® or JCB credit card number and expiration date, which must be valid through the final day of their voyage. All charges for services provided and products purchased onboard must be settled in cash, by travellers cheque, or above listed credit card at the end of each voyage segment and before final disembarkation from the ship.


Traveller's cheques may be cashed at the Reception Desk 24 hours a day. Also, your traveller's cheques may be used to pay your shipboard account.

Enrichment & Entertainment

The Silver Explorer is staffed with an enthusiastic and informative Expedition Team, and each voyage is hosted by leading naturalists who share their expert knowledge of each area's unique wildlife, history, ecology and geology. From educational lectures and expedition recaps in The Theatre, to guided field studies ashore, they offer great insight on the nature and culture of the day's destination.


The Panorama Lounge features a pianist/vocalist for light evening entertainment.


Boutique / Shopping

The Boutique, located on Deck 4, offers a selection of designer fashions, perfumes and Silversea logo items. Toiletries and convenience items are also available for purchase. We welcome you to come in and browse. The boutique is closed whilst in port and on occasion due to local government regulations. You will find Boutique hours indicated daily in the Silversea Expedition Chronicles.



Internet Access on board the Prince Albert 2

Onboard Internet services are available with a range of pricing plans. Guests may use their own laptop with wireless card to conveniently access the Internet and personal e-mail in the privacy of their own suite/stateroom, and at wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) locations throughout the ship.


Computers, e-mail and Internet access are also available onboard via the Internet Café, for a nominal fee. CruiseMail is a service provided for guests who do not have their own web-based email service and would like to create an email account on the ship.


Email and Internet access is available after 2:00pm on embarkation day, continues to operate 24 hours a day throughout the voyage, and is closed at 11:00pm on the final night of the cruise. Charges apply, with package rates available, and are subject to change.


Internet support is available daily during posted hours.


Laundry services are available and may be arranged through your Stewardess. Customary charges will apply.

Dietary Requests

Silversea will make every attempt to accommodate guests with special dietary requirements. If you have any special needs, please note them on the Guest Information Form or advise us at least 90 days prior to sailing.
Please note: There may be limitations in Silversea's ability to accommodate special dietary requirements.


Shore Excursions

Every Silversea Expedition features complimentary excursions led by the Expedition Team or guest host. Activities vary daily for each itinerary and are designed for all levels of interest and physical ability. Day-by-day highlights for your Silversea Expedition are available online, and include a variety of possible destinations that can be reached by cruising and exploring aboard ship, by docking or anchoring in port, or by Zodiac landing. Please note that Silversea is unable to accommodate children less than six years of age or expectant mothers who have entered their twenty-fourth week of pregnancy on Zodiacs. As Silversea does not provide babysitting services, an adult family member will be required to remain onboard with their child during Zodiac expeditions.


At Silversea, the comfort and enjoyment of our guests is paramount. We recognize that some of our guests smoke and others do not. Most areas on our ship are non-smoking. However, in order to promote an onboard atmosphere that satisfies all guests, there are designated smoking tables in the Panorama Lounge and in certain areas on Decks 5 and 6 for cigarette smoking. Cigar and pipe smoking is only permitted in The Humidor and in certain areas on open Decks 5 and 6. Silversea kindly requests for all of our guests observe the non-smoking areas. These requests are made to provide a comfortable living atmosphere for everyone onboard.


A selection of fine wines, spirits, champagnes, soft drinks and bottled water are complimentary throughout the ship, and your in-room beverage cabinet will be replenished upon request with your preferences. (A selection of premium wines, champagnes and spirits is available at an additional charge.)


The Silver Explorer is also equipped with a telephone system that allows guests to make direct-dial phone calls from their suite/stateroom whilst at sea. Calls will be billed to your onboard account. Please inquire at the ship's Reception Desk for the current rate, which (at time of printing) is USD$9.50 per minute (subject to change). The ship's e-mail service is a reasonably priced alternative to phoning. Should someone wish to reach a guest whilst they are at sea, please refer to the Leave Behind Information provided in the final cruise documents.


Please note that these onboard technologies utilise satellite equipment. As such, there may be temporary outages of any satellite-connected shoreside service, including Internet connections, cell phones, in-suite phones, television broadcast channels and world news summaries.


All onboard gratuities have already been included in the voyage fare; no additional gratuities are necessary.


Your suite/stateroom is equipped with a personal safe, located inside your closet. Please take great care with your money, jewellery, cameras, binoculars, documents and any other articles that you retain in your personal control or keep in your suite/stateroom, as Silversea is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, these items.


Medical Services

The Silver Explorer is equipped with a Medical Centre. A doctor and nurse are on 24-hour call when at sea. When docked, supplementary emergency care may also be obtained through local medical facilities. Guests may be charged for medical services and for medications used for their medical treatment. The Medical Centre is not intended or designed to provide ongoing treatment for pre-existing conditions or for extended critical care, and Silversea is not responsible for the diagnosis, treatment or services furnished by shipboard medical personnel. Guests requiring oxygen for medical reasons are welcome to bring an oxygen concentrator onboard. Guests wishing to bring their own portable oxygen tanks must obtain prior written authorisation from Silversea, as restrictions may apply.


The Silver Explorer has only 220 volt/60 Hz AC power. Most modern electronic devices support dual voltages, but if you are uncertain, please verify your equipment prior to plugging it in. The electrical receptacles on the ship accept plugs of a type known as Europlug or Type C. They will also accept plugs like the German Type F and French Type E.


In particular, please be advised that devices such as generators, lamps, electric motors, electric shavers, hair dryers, clocks and some video equipment may be incompatible with the 220v/60 Hz power. A hair dryer is provided in each suite/stateroom. If you wish to bring along other equipment, you should verify if a voltage transformer or other conversion device is necessary. Ordinarily, simple plug converters will suffice for laptop power supplies and many devices with rechargeable batteries such as cell phones, iPods, or digital cameras. We do advise that you read the labels on each particular device to determine the compatibility.


Remember to bring an adequate supply of batteries for the voyage. The Boutique onboard will sell only limited quantities and varieties of batteries. Because of the environmental hazards inherent in the disposal of batteries, we recommend rechargeable batteries for most applications. To protect the fragile environments where the Prince Albert II sails, we request that guests retain all their exhausted batteries and dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner after they return home.

What To Wear

Suitable clothing requiredShipboard attire ranges from casual to informal. Casual wear is appropriate for daytime aboard ship or ashore, and consists of standard sports outfits as worn at five-star resorts. Shoes should be flat or low heeled for deck activities. Evening attire is casual with the exception of the Captain's Welcome Aboard and Farewell Dinners, which are informal. On casual evenings, open-neck shirts, slacks and sports outfits are appropriate. Jeans and shorts are not permitted in The Restaurant.


On the two informal evenings, ladies usually wear dresses or trouser suits, and gentlemen wear jackets (tie optional). Remember to pack swimwear.


The right gear is essential for enjoying the full experience of your Silversea Expedition without the limitations of weather and other conditions. Clothing that can be layered to accommodate different temperatures is most versatile and comfortable.

  • Insulated parka/ski jacket, down or synthetic - able to accommodate your sweater/jumper underneath.
  • Heavyweight fleece top or wool sweater.
  • Mid-weight fleece top.
  • Mid-weight fleece pants.
  • Mid-weight thermal underwear tops and bottoms (synthetic or wool).
  • Wool or fleece hat.
  • Wool or fleece gloves.
  • Wool or wool blend socks and thin sock liners.
  • Heavier, ski-type gloves.
  • Heat-treated foot warming insoles and hand warmers.
  • Waterproof, over-the-calf, rubber boots with non-slip soles, if you prefer to bring your own. (available to borrow on the ship)

Wind chill can be a significant feature of an Antarctic expedition. When the wind is constant, you can be robbed of body heat quickly. Adequate wind and rain gear is vital. Cotton is wonderful in warm weather. However, once it becomes wet, it will drain your body heat. Bring wool or synthetics such as Capilene, MTS and Thermax instead. Always test layers before a trip. The outer layer should fit easily over the inside ones without binding and bunching up.


Dark sunglasses are essential in Antarctica as the sunlight can be very bright when reflected off the snow.


Zodiac Landing Craft

The Silver Explorer carries a fleet of eight inflatable Zodiac boats, allowing you to explore places that would otherwise be inaccessible. To reach destinations where there are no piers and for islands surrounded by shallow waters, Zodiacs are the perfect solution. These rigid boats are specifically designed for nature study, and are very rugged, as well as safe, sturdy and durable. They are easy to board, whether at the ship or ashore, and are operated by highly trained crew.


A Zodiac is an exceptionally buoyant rubber boat with an inflatable hull of multiple air-filled compartments, a feature that allows the Zodiac to float even should a compartment become deflated. A low centre of gravity makes Zodiacs very stable. Zodiacs are also agile, allowing them to easily come alongside the Silver Explorer, and to manoeuvre over reefs and between narrow passages.


All guests will participate in a complete Zodiac familiarisation session upon embarkation. Please review these instructions carefully prior to your training session and throughout your Silversea Expedition.


Guidelines For Responsible Travel

As travellers aboard the Silver Explorer, you have the great opportunity to explore remote and pristine destinations and an even greater responsibility to the resident wildlife, native species and local cultures you find. Our time spent in these pristine environments must leave no trace so that future generations may one day experience the same sense of discovery. Your Expedition Leader will speak often and in depth on the destination and the variety of ways you can help to protect all you encounter. The following guidelines should be kept at the forefront of your thoughts at all times when ashore. Kindly consult with your Expedition Leader or guest naturalist should you have any questions.



  • Never move or remove anything - no "souvenirs".
  • Do not create cairns (piled stone structures) or other such disturbances.
  • Do not leave anything behind on shore or in the water.
  • Properly dispose of litter.
  • Respect your fellow guests by not blocking their view and by speaking quietly to let nature's sounds dominate the experience.
  • Influence responsible behaviour by others - be a role model, set an example.


  • Observe from a distance; utilise your binoculars.
  • If wildlife appears distressed - move away.
  • If an animal approaches - retreat slowly to maintain a safe distance.
  • Do not feed.
  • Do not touch.
  • Do not harass.
  • Do not position yourself between a parent and its young.
  • Do not surround an animal, always allow them space to retreat.
  • Stay on trails.
  • Stay with the group